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The batch processor accepts spans, metrics, or logs and places them into batches. Batching helps better compress the data and reduce the number of outgoing connections required to transmit the data. This processor supports both size and time based batching.

Supported Types


Configuration Table

send_batch_sizeint8192Number of spans, metric data points, or log records after which a batch will be sent regardless of the timeout.
send_batch_max_sizeint0The upper limit of the batch size. 0 means no upper limit of the batch size. This property ensures that larger batches are split into smaller units. It must be greater than or equal to send batch size.
timeoutstring200msTime duration after which a batch will be sent regardless of size. Example: 2s (two seconds).

Example Configuration

Batch telemetry with the following options:

  • Send batches of size 200
  • Max batch size of 1000
  • Build batches for up to two seconds

Web Interface

observIQ docs - Batch - image 1