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Supported Types


Configuration Table

endpointstringThe target URL to send Loki log streams to (e.g. http://loki:3100/loki/api/v1/push). to.
headersmapAdditional headers to attach to each HTTP Request.
configure_tlsboolfalseConfigure advanced TLS settings.
insecure_skip_verifyboolfalseEnable to skip TLS certificate verification.
ca_filestringCertificate authority used to validate TLS certificates.
mutual_tlsboolfalseWhether or not to use mutual TLS authentication.
cert_filestringA TLS certificate used for client authentication.
key_fileboolA TLS private key used for client authentication.

Supported Retry and Queuing Settings

This destination supports the following retry and queuing settings:

Sending QueuePersistent QueueRetry on Failure