What are Rollouts?

Rollouts are the way BindPlane OP manages deploying configuration changes to agents. Rollouts allow you to stage and compare a new version of a configuration before deploying the changes to agents. Rollouts also apply changes to agents incrementally, so that errors due to any configuration changes are isolated to only a few agents.

Starting a Rollout

After a new version is created and edited, the Start Rollout button will appear.

observIQ docs - Rollouts - image 1When the Start Rollout button is pressed, the Build Rollout dialog will appear, where changes may be audited before starting the rollout.

observIQ docs - Rollouts - image 2

After pressing the Start Rollout button in the Build Rollout dialog, the new configuration begins to roll out incrementally to agents. First, the configuration is rolled out to 3 agents. Every five seconds, the number of agents to update will be multiplied by 5, up to 100 agents, which the configuration will then be rolled out to. If any agents experience errors when the new configuration is applied, the rollout will be automatically paused so that the configuration may be corrected.

You can view the current progress of the rollout on the configuration page, below the topology view.

Current Version

The current version tab shows the currently deployed version of the configuration. The current version is view only. In order to make changes to an agent's configuration, a new version must be created, edited, and rolled out.

observIQ docs - Rollouts - image 3

Editing a New Version

On the Current Version tab, you may click the Edit New Version button to create and begin editing a new version of the configuration.

observIQ docs - Rollouts - image 4

When editing the new version, the changes are not instantly rolled out to agents but instead staged. After the new version is edited and ready to be deployed to agents, the Start Rollout button can be pressed to begin deploying the new configuration to agents.

Comparing Versions

When pressing the Start Rollout button, you are able to compare the YAML between the versions in order to see the changes between the current version and the new version before starting the rollout.

Here, you can see that the address for the OTLP destination has changed from "localhost" to "".

observIQ docs - Rollouts - image 5

Viewing Version History

To view previous versions of the configuration, navigate to the Version History tab. In this tab, you may select which previous version to view in the top-right selector.

observIQ docs - Rollouts - image 6

Previous versions cannot be edited.

Permissions (RBAC)


🚧 RBAC is only available in BindPlane OP Enterprise. Learn more here.

The following table shows what actions each role is able to perform.

Can Start RolloutsCan Edit New VersionsCan View Staged Configurations

Resolving Rollout Errors

Sometimes, rolling out a configuration will result in agent errors. When an agent reports an error due to a configuration rollout, the rollout will automatically pause.

observIQ docs - Rollouts - image 7

In order to resolve errors in rollouts, a new version may be created from the pending version.

observIQ docs - Rollouts - image 8

After editing the pending version to correct errors, the corrected version may be rolled out as usual.