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OpenTelemetry (OTLP)


This OTLP destination configures an OTLP exporter to send metrics, logs, and traces to an endpoint.

Supported Types

LogsMetricsTracesBindPlane Agent

Configuration Table

HostnameHostname or IP address where the exporter will send OTLP data.
PortTCP port to which the exporter is going to send OTLP data.
ProtocolThe OTLP protocol to use when sending OTLP telemetry. Can be gRPC or HTTP.
CompressionCompression algorithm to use when sending data to the OTLP server. Ensure that the server supports the compression algorithm selected. Kinds of compression depend on Protocol.
Additional HeadersAdd additional headers to be attached to each request.
Enable TLSWhether or not to use TLS.
Skip TLS Certificate VerificationEnable to skip TLS certificate verification.
TLS Certificate Authority FileCertificate authority used to validate TLS certificates.
Server Name OverrideOptional virtual hostname. Indicates the name of the server requested by the client. This option is generally not required. Read more here.
Mutual TLSWhether or not to use mutual TLS authentication.
Mutual TLS Client Certificate FileA TLS certificate used for client authentication.
Mutual TLS Client Private Key FileA TLS private key used for client authentication.

Supported Retry and Queuing Settings

This destination supports the following retry and queuing settings:

Sending QueuePersistent QueueRetry on Failure

Example Configuration

In this configuration, we specify the hostname of the OTLP server telemetry is going to be sent to, as well as what protocol will be used.

Web Interface

observIQ docs - OTLP Destination - image 1

Standalone Destination

2kind: Destination
4  id: otlp
5  name: otlp
7  type: otlp
8  parameters:
9    - name: hostname
10      value: ''
11    - name: protocol
12      value: 'grpc'
13    - name: grpc_port
14      value: '4317'
15    - name: enable_tls
16      value: 'false'