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Prometheus Package Installation

Each BindPlane OP release includes a matching version of Prometheus that can be used to deploy a dedicated Prometheus server. The package simplifies installation because it handles user creation and configuration management. If you wish to configure install and configure Prometheus on your own, you can follow the manual installation documentation. The recommended approach is to use the provided Linux package.


Each BindPlane release includes packages for Debian and RHEL based distributions.

1curl -L \
2  -o bindplane-prometheus.deb \


Ubuntu and CentOS users should use the deb and rpm packages, respectively.


Install the package with your package manager.

1sudo apt-get install -f ./bindplane-prometheus.deb

Once the package is installed, it must be enabled and started.

1sudo systemctl enable --now prometheus


See the configuration documentation for configuration details.


The package can be removed using the package manager.

1sudo apt-get remove bindplane-prometheus
2sudo apt-get purge bindplane-prometheus