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VMware vCenter

Supported Platforms



This receiver has been built to support ESXi and vCenter versions:

  • 7.5
  • 7.0
  • 6.7

A “Read Only” user assigned to a vSphere with permissions to the vCenter server, cluster and all subsequent resources being monitored must be specified in order for the receiver to retrieve information about them.

Configuration Table

telemetry_typestelemetrySelector["Logs", "Metrics"]Choose Telemetry Type.
endpoint*stringEndpoint to the vCenter Server or ESXi host that has the sdk path enabled. Required. The expected format is <protocol>://<hostname> \n \ni.e: https://vcsa.hostname.localnet
username*stringUsername used to authenticate.
password*stringPassword used to authenticate.
tlsstringNot Required. Will use defaults for configtls.TLSClientSetting. By default insecure settings are rejected and certificate verification is on.
collection_intervalint60Sets how often (seconds) to scrape for metrics.
*required field