Installation Prerequisites


Resource Requirements

BindPlane OP's resource requirements will differ based on the number of
managed agents. CPU, Memory, Disk throughput / IOPS, and network consumption
will increase as the number of managed agents increases.

Instance Sizing

Follow this table for CPU, memory, and storage capacity sizing.

Agent CountCPUMemory

Back-end Sizing

BindPlane OP has two back-end options. Bolt Store (default) and PostgreSQL. Bolt store is recommended for single instance deployments of BindPlane OP. If you expect to deploy BindPlane on multiple instances, you should use PostgreSQL to avoid migrating from Bolt Store in the future.

Bolt Store

When using the default storage back-end (bbolt), disk throughput and operations per second
will increase linearly with the number of managed agents. Enterprise deployments that are not using bbolt
can safely ignore this section.

To prevent disk performance bottle-necking, ensure the underlying storage solution
can provide enough disk throughput and operations per second. Generally, cloud providers
will limit disk performance based on provisioned disk capacity.

Agent CountRead / Write ThroughputRead / Write IOPSStorage Capacity
10015 MB/s500/s60GB
1,000150 MB/s5000/s120GB
2,000300 MB/s10000/s120GB

Network Requirements


BindPlane OP maintains network connections for the following:

  • Agent Management
  • Agent Throughput Measurements
  • Command line and Web user interfaces

Maximum network throughput scales linearly with the number of connected agents. As a rule of thumb, expect to consume 4mbps for every 1,000 connected agents.


BindPlane OP can run on a local area network and behind a firewall.

BindPlane OP does not need to be reachable from the internet, however, if agents. or users outside of your WAN require access, a VPN or inbound firewall rules must be configured to allow access.


BindPlane OP listens on port 3001 by default. This port is configurable. See the configuration documentation.

The BindPlane port is used for:

Browsers and API Clients

The firewall must allow HTTP traffic to reach BindPlane OP on the configured port.


Agents must be able to initiate connections to BindPlane OP for OpAMP (websocket) and throughput measurements (HTTP). BindPlane OP will never initiate connections to the agent. The firewall can be configured to prevent BindPlane OP from reaching the agent networks, however, agent networks must be able to reach BindPlane OP on the configured port.

Agent Updates

BindPlane OP will reach out to in order to detect new agent releases. This feature is optional.

You can disable Github polling by setting agentVersions.syncInterval to 0 in your BindPlane configuration.

2  syncInterval: 0