Release Notes

The latest product updates from observIQ

  • VERSION 1.46.0

    Upgrade Notes


    🚧 BindPlane v1.46.0 contains breaking changes.

    As of 1.46.0, Prometheus is required to store agent throughput measurements. Throughput measurement support has been removed from Bolt Store and PostgreSQL.

    Single-instance users do not need to take action. BindPlane will spawn a Prometheus sub-process automatically.

    High-availability users will need to make sure Prometheus is configured in their environment. Documentation for configuring Prometheus in a BindPlane HA architecture can be found here.

    Helm users should upgrade to chart version 1.2.0. Consult the chart release notes before upgrading. Once upgraded to Chart version 1.2.0, it is safe to upgrade to Chart version 1.2.1, which contains BindPlane v1.46.0.

    New Features

    • Added Splunk TCP source to Kubernetes Gateway Agent
    • Added Encoding param to Kafka destination
    • Added Optional Path Prefix parameter to OTLP HTTP
    • New Lookup Table processor
    • Agent health monitoring
    • Terraform Provider: Added support for Extensions

    Bug Fixes

    • Added missing TLS options to CLI
  • VERSION 1.45.0

    New Features

    • New Dynatrace Destination
  • VERSION 1.44.0

    New Features

    • Introduced search capability to processor live preview and agent recent telemetry
    • Added support for metrics to Azure Event Hub Source
    • Added TLS server name override option to OTLP destination

    Bug Fixes

    • Removed compression option from Splunk Cloud destination
      • Compression is always enabled
  • VERSION 1.43.1

    Bug Fixes

    Fixes an issue where changing the system account username would cause the user to lose access to their account.

    It is recommended that all users upgrade from 1.43.0 to 1.43.1.

  • VERSION 1.42.0

    New Features

    • Azure Event Hub Source

    Bug Fixes and Improvements

    • Improved OpAMP debugging

    Migration Notes

    This release includes a change that will break future downgrade compatibility for users with a single account boltstore installation of BindPlane. Before upgrading, those users should create a backup of their storage file, which can be used in the event of a downgrade.*

    To downgrade, those users should follow these steps:

    1. Stop the BindPlane service
    2. Replace the storage file with the backed-up version
    3. Restart the BindPlane service

    Changes made after upgrading will not be persisted when performing this downgrade.

    * If, instead, BindPlane is configured with either multi-account or postgres, this release is backward compatible and no action is needed to downgrade safely. BindPlane is multi-account if accounts.enable is true in its configuration:

    2  enable: true
  • VERSION 1.41.0

    New Features

    • New destinations
      • Observe, Inc
      • Chronicle Forwarder
    • Source changes
      • TCP Logs: Added new encoding option

    Bug Fixes and Improvements

    • Resolved an issue where Prometheus backed agent measurements were inconsistent in some cases

    Upgrade Procedure


    Agent measurement values will be inconsistent in some situations. Upgrading to v1.41.0 solves this issue.

    If you are using BindPlane's built in Prometheus service, no action is required. If you are unsure, generally this means your BindPlane server is managing it's own Prometheus service behind the scenes. You can skip this procedure.

    If you are using a self managed Prometheus instance for your measurements backend, you must update your Prometheus recording rule at /etc/prometheus/rules.yml.

    2- name: configuration-rollups
    3  interval: 1m
    4  rules:
    5  - record: bindplane_agent_measurements:rollup:rate:1m
    6    expr: sum without (agent) (rate(bindplane_agent_measurements{}[1m9s999ms] offset 10s))

    Once updated, restart the service.

    1sudo systemctl restart prometheus
  • VERSION 1.40.0

    New Features

    • UI will link out to resource (source, destination, processor, extension) documentation when viewing a given resource.
    • Add Compression Param to Chronicle
    • Support headers for http protocol on OTLP exporters
    • Extension: Go Performance Profiler (pprof)
    • Extension: Health Check

    Bug Fixes and Improvements

    • Improved live preview loading times
  • VERSION 1.39.0

    New Features

    • Summary Page Beta
    • Updated Configuration Editing flow
    • Kubernetes Gateway agent installation as deployment
    • File Source sort by mtime option.
    • Extension Audit Events
    • Automatic removal of unused deprecated resources
    • Improved error messages for CLI
  • VERSION 1.38.0

    New Features

    • Amazon Managed Prometheus destination
    • Honeycomb destination
    • Rename metric processor
    • Add sort by mtime option to file source
    • Extensions UI
    • Added TTL parameter to ClickHouse destination
    • Include support bundle script in releases
      • See /var/lib/bindplane/scripts/ after upgrading
  • VERSION 1.37.0

    New Features

    • ClickHouse Destination Type
    • Jaeger OTLP Destination Type
    • Sumo Logic Destination Type
    • HTTPCheck Source Type
    • Extension Support
    • Optional Prometheus measurements database, promising much faster and more reliable measurements

    Bug Fixes

    • Ongoing UI polish
    • Severity processor now handles numeric values
    • Deleting configuration doesn’t leave zombie agents
    • Named source measurement fixes
    • Unmasking sensitive parameters in sources
  • VERSION 1.36.0

    New Features

    • Azure Blob Rehydrator Source Type
    • UI Updates and Polish
      • Improved Configuration details section
      • Agent Installation Wizard
      • Onboarding message for empty Agent and Configuration tables
      • Errored rollouts contain link to errored agents
    • init server improvements
      • Postgres configuration questions
      • Command offers to restart after running
      • Suggest users change from the default password if they are using admin
    • A new migration command to manage database migrations

    Bug Fixes

    • Many UI polish and spacing issues
    • Various init server command fixes


    • Correct swagger documentation for the /agents api endpoint.