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You can access the BindPlane CLI by using the bindplane command from the install directory or preceded by the absolute path of the install directory.

Installing BindPlane Client (Remote CLI)

See the Installation page for install instructions.

CLI Commands

applyApply resources
completionGenerate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
copyMake a copy of a resource
deleteDelete bindplane resources
getDisplay one or more resources
helpHelp about any command
initInitialize an installation
installInstall a new agent
labelList or modify the labels of a resource
profileProfile commands.
serveStarts the server
syncSync an agent-version from github
updateUpdate an existing agent
uploadUpload an offline agent upgrade package
versionPrints BindPlane version
rolloutManage one or more rollout
-c, --config stringfull path to configuration file
--env stringBindPlane environment. One of testdevelopmentproduction (default "production")
-h, --helphelp for bindplane
--host stringdomain on which the BindPlane server will run (default "localhost")
--logging-file-path stringfull path of the BindPlane log file, defaults to $HOME/.bindplane/bindplane.log
--logging-output stringoutput of the log. One of: filestdout
--tracing-otlp-endpoint stringendpoint to send OTLP traces to
--tracing-otlp-insecureset true to allow insecure TLS
-o, --output stringoutput format. One of: json|table|yaml|raw (default "table")
--password stringpassword to use with Basic auth (default "admin")
--port stringport on which the rest server is listening (default "3001")
--profile stringconfiguration profile name to use
--remote-url stringhttp url that clients use to connect to the server
--tls-ca stringsTLS certificate authority file(s) for mutual TLS authentication
--tls-cert stringTLS certificate file
--tls-key stringTLS private key file
--tls-skip-verifyWhether to verify the server's certificate chain and host name when making client requests
--tracing-type stringtype of trace to use for tracing requests, either 'otlp' or 'google'
--username stringusername to use with Basic auth (default "admin")