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BindPlane OP Editions

BindPlane OP Editions - Feature Comparison

BindPlane OP is available in three editions:

  • Free: A robust free tier for when you're sending less than 10GB/Day or managing fewer than 10 agents. This is a great way to get started with BindPlane OP.
  • BindPlane OP for Google: We've partnered with Google to provide an edition of BindPlane OP for Google Cloud Operations users. Collect on-prem telemetry and route to any Google destination at no cost. The Google edition does not include data reduction, advanced transformation capabilities, or the ability to send to non-Google destinations.
  • Enterprise: The enterprise tier is perfect for when you're ready to go to production. It includes everything in the free edition, plus RBAC, LDAP, Multi-Project, and much more.

A full comparison of each edition can be found at