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Offline Agent Package Installation and Upgrades

How to set up BindPlane OP to host agent packages locally


🚧 This feature is only available in BindPlane OP Enterprise. Learn more here.

Enable Offline Agent Package Hosting and Upgrades

This feature allows BindPlane OP Enterprise Edition to host the agent packages. This is used in environments where either BindPlane or the Agent system does not have external network access to GitHub.

BPOP offline agent configuration

In order to use offline agent upgrades, the feature must first be enabled.

To enable offline agent upgrades, the offline option must be enabled. The folder where agent upgrade artifacts will be stored when uploaded may also be configured. By default, agent upgrade artifacts are stored in /var/lib/bindplane/agent-upgrades.

Here is an example config enabling offline mode.

1name: default
4# Enables "offline" mode, which disables syncing agent versions with GitHub, and enables
5# uploading upgrade packages for bindplane to host agent upgrade and install artifacts.
6offline: true
8  # A random uuid which is used as a shared secret between bindplane and
9  # deployed agents.
10  secretKey: your-secret-key
12  # Basic auth should use a username other than
13  # admin along with a secure password.
14  username: admin
15  password: password
17  # A random uuid which is used for generating web ui session cookies.
18  sessionSecret: your-session-secret
20  # Listen on port 3001, all interfaces.
21  host:
22  port: '3001'
24  # Endpoint for which clients and collectors will interfact
25  # with the server's http interface.
26  remoteURL: http://bindplane.c.bindplane.internal:3001
28  # The path where agent upgrades are stored when uploading agent upgrade packages in offline mode.
29  agentUpgradesFolder: /var/lib/bindplane/agent-upgrades
31  bbolt:
32    path: /var/lib/bindplane/storage/bindplane.db
34  type: local
36  filePath: /var/log/bindplane/bindplane.log

Upload an Agent Upgrade Artifact Package

Agent artifact packages can be uploaded to the BindPlane OP server to allow agents to upgrade to new versions, as well as allow agents to be installed through BindPlane OP while in offline mode. These packages can be found and downloaded from the releases page of the observIQ Distro for OpenTelemetry GitHub repository.

To upload an agent upgrade artifact package, use the bindplane upload agent-upgrade command. The artifact package should be downloaded onto the machine from which you are running bindplane, which may or may not be the BindPlane OP server. In this example, version 1.21.1 of the collector is being uploaded to BindPlane OP:

1bindplane upload agent-upgrade ./observiq-otel-collector-v1.21.1-artifacts.tar.gz --username admin --password password

If the file has been renamed, you must specify the --version flag with the version you are uploading:

1bindplane upload agent-upgrade ./artifacts.tar.gz --version v1.21.1 --username admin --password password

Delete Old Agent Artifact Packages

Agent versions and agent artifact packages can be removed using the bindplane delete agent-version command:

1bindplane delete agent-version observiq-otel-collector-v1.21.1 --username admin --password password

This will delete the version from BindPlane OP and remove the unpacked artifact package from the disk of the BindPlane OP server.