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Metric Filtering

Filter metrics with BindPlane OP

Metric Filtering

Sources that collect metrics can be configured to filter out any number of metrics. When a metric is filtered out, it will not be sent to any destination.


Metric filtering can be configured for a source when initially creating it, or an existing source can be edited to change its filtering. Once saved all agents collecting that source will be updated to use the updated filter settings.

The controls for filtering metrics are found in the Advanced section of the source configuration form. Available metrics are organized in groups, allowing you to quickly enable or disable filtering for multiple related metrics. The checkbox next to each metric indicates whether it will be sent to destinations. That is, unchecking the box for a metric will filter it out.

observiQ - docs - Metric Filtering - image 1

In the above image, all metrics in the Virtual Server group will be filtered out, as well as bigip.pool.availability and bigip.pool.packet.count.