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What Are Processors?

Processors can be inserted into your telemetry pipeline to transform your data before it arrives at your destination. Adding attributes, filtering, and converting logs to metrics are all the types of transformations we can do using processors in BindPlane OP.

Processors can be added from within any configuration and are indicated by the nodes that exist between the Sources and Destinations in your pipeline.

observIQ docs - Processors - image 1

You can insert processors at two points in your pipeline:

  1. After Sources: Processors inserted after a source will only be applied to that particular sources data. They won't impact any other data stream in your pipeline.
  2. Before Destinations: Processors inserted before a destination will be applied to all data flowing into it from all sources.

The topology visualization makes it very clear how your data is flowing and what is being impacted by a particular processor. You should use this visualization as part of your workflow when making decisions about routing and transforming your data. It's what makes BindPlane OP great.

How to Insert a Processor

To insert a new processor, simply click on one of the processor nodes in your pipeline. As shown below, you'll be presented with a modal that let's you begin adding processors.

observIQ docs - Processors - image 2

Processors are executed from top to bottom and can be rearranged by simply dragging and dropping them into the desired order of operations.

observIQ docs - Processors - image 3

When a processor has been added, a count will appear on the processor node to indicate the number of added processors. If no count is shown that means there are no processors at that node.

observIQ docs - Processors - image 4

Bringing it All Together

Processors in BindPlane OP are incredibly powerful and will transform the way you think about your Observability.

Take a look at the next section below to learn how to use processors in combination with Snapshots to reduce the volume of logs you're sending to your analysis tools.