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This Dynatrace destination configures an OTLP exporter to send telemetry data (logs, metrics, traces) to a Dynatrace server for ingestion. It supports sending data to both SaaS and ActiveGate deployment types of Dynatrace.

Supported Types

MetricsLogsTracesBindplane Agent

Note for Metrics: Currently monotonic cumulative sums are not supported


Choose Telemetry TypeSelect which types of telemetry to export (Logs, Metrics, Traces).
Deployment TypeSelect the Dynatrace deployment type (SaaS or ActiveGate).
ActiveGate Hostname or IPThe hostname or IP address of your ActiveGate (required if Deployment Type is ActiveGate).
PortThe port to connect to. Default is 9999 for ActiveGate (required if Deployment Type is ActiveGate).
Environment IDThe Environment ID for your Dynatrace instance.
Dynatrace API TokenThe API token used to authenticate with the Dynatrace API.
Skip TLS Certificate VerificationEnable to skip TLS certificate verification.
TLS Certificate Authority FileCertificate authority used to validate TLS certificates.

For more information on specific parameters, see Dynatrace documentation.

This destination supports the following retry and queuing settings:

Sending QueuePersistent QueueRetry on Failure

Example Configuration

For a basic configuration, specify the telemetry types to export, deployment type, environment ID, and API Token.

Web Interface

observIQ docs - Dynatrace OTLP Destination - image 1

Standalone Destination

2kind: Destination
4  id: dynatrace_otlp
5  name: dynatrace_otlp
7  type: dynatrace_otlp
8  parameters:
9    - name: telemetry_types
10      value: ['Logs', 'Metrics', 'Traces']
11    - name: deployment_type
12      value: 'SaaS'
13    - name: your_environment_id
14      value: 'your_env_id'
15    - name: dynatrace_api_token
16      value: 'your_api_token'