Getting Support

Community-Based Support

Do you have a question or feedback? Join the discussion at BindPlane Slack.
You can join our BindPlane Slack channel here.

Entitled Support

Our support team is happy to handle technical issues related to BindPlane OP, our OpenTelemetry-based agent, and configuration questions.

Direct support for configurations sent to any destination is part of Enterprise Edition entitlement.

Opening a Ticket

Opening a ticket starts with an email to

From there, a ticket is opened and you will be emailed tracking information automatically.

Google Destination Partnership Support

Customers running the OSS version of BindPlane OP are entitled to support when sending telemetry to Google Cloud Operations destinations.

This support channel is through the Google Partnership.

Opening a Ticket with Google

There is an integrated support process where customers initiate support requests with Google. These issues are worked mutually with Google for observIQ product technical and configuration issues.

For more information on opening a ticket with Google Support: