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Telemetry Generator

Supported Platforms



The Telemetry Generator is a source that generates random telemetry data for testing purposes. This source is useful for testing the load and pipeline configurations.

Minimum Agent Versions

  • Introduced: v1.46.0
  • Updated to include Host Metrics & Windows Events: v1.47.0

Supported Pipelines

  • Logs
  • Metrics
  • Traces

Configuration for all generators

Payloads per second1trueThe number of payloads this receiver will generate per second.

Logs Generator Configuration

Resource AttributesA map of resource attributes to be included in the generated telemetry. Values can be any.
AttributesA map of attributes to be included in the generated telemetry. Values can be any.
bodyThe body of the log
severityThe severity of the log message

OTLP Replay Generator

The OTLP Replay Generator replays JSON-formatted telemetry. It adjusts the timestamps of the telemetry relative the current time, with the most recent record moved to the current time, and the previous records the same relative duration in the past. The text in the OTLP JSON box should be valid JSON-formatted OTLP, such as the JSON created by plog.JSONMarshaler,ptrace.JSONMarshaler, or pmetric.JSONMarshaler.

TypeThe type of telemetry to replay: logs, metrics, or traces.
OTLP JSONA string of JSON encoded OTLP telemetry

Host Metrics Generator

The host metrics generator creates synthetic host metrics, from a list of pre-defined metrics. The metrics resource attributes can be set in the Resource Attributes section of the configuration.

Windows Events Generator

The Windows Events Generator replays a sample of recorded Windows Event Log data. It has no additional configuration.