Create reusable sources, processors, and destinations.

Create and edit library resources

Library resources can be created from the library or added from one of your configurations. They are marked with a filled bookmark and are each given a unique (case-insensitive) name.

They can be edited from the library or a configuration. Editing one of these resources will be reflected everywhere it is used. If a resource is in more than one configuration, you will be prompted to confirm the update. Configurations containing the resource must still be rolled out afterward.

observIQ - docs - Library page observIQ - docs - Library warning

Use a library resource

To use a Host source you added in the library, create or go to an existing configuration and add a Host source. You will be prompted with a list of existing library Host sources.

observIQ - docs - Library add existing source

Add an existing resource to the library

If you have an existing resource that you want to add to the library, edit the resource and click the bookmark to give it a name and add it. It must be fully saved in a configuration for this option to appear.

observIQ - docs - Library add from configuration

You can also unlink a resource by clicking the bookmark while a resource is in the library. This will save the resource as-is in your configuration and it will no longer be linked to the library resource.

Destinations are always library resources, and cannot be unlinked.

observIQ - docs - Library unlink source

Delete resources in the library

You can delete resources from the library as long as they are not being used in a configuration. Select the resources you want to delete, and the button will appear. Any resources not that cannot be deleted will show a list of the configurations they are in.

observIQ - docs - Library delete resources