Group by Attributes

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The Group by Attributes Processor groups logs with shared attribute values into the same resource.


The Group by Attributes Processor can be used to properly move attribute values to the resource, and also to compact telemetry data after batching.


Attribute KeysThe attribute keys to group by, and move to the resource. When no keys are specified, resources with the same attributes are compacted into the same resource.

Example Configurations

Compact telemetry with the same resource

By default, the processor will compact resources that match together. Using the processor in this configuration after the batch processor can reduce the amount of data sent to some destinations.

observIQ docs - Group by Attributes - image 1

Group into resources by an attribute

The processor may also be used to promote attributes to the resource. Here is an example of promoting the attribute on logs to the resource.

observIQ docs - Group by Attributes - image 2