Supported Types


Configuration Table

metric_ingest_endpointstring""Dynatrace Metrics Ingest v2 endpoint. This is required if OneAgent is not running on the agent host. More information on the endpoint and structure can be found here.
api_tokenstringAPI Token that is restricted to Ingest metrics scope. Required if metric_ingest_endpoint is specified. More information here.
prefixstringMetric Prefix that will be prepended to each metric name in prefix.name format.
enable_tlsboolfalseWhether or not to use TLS.
insecure_skip_verifyboolfalseEnable to skip TLS certificate verification.
ca_fileboolCertificate authority used to validate the database server's TLS certificate.
cert_fileboolA TLS certificate used for client authentication if mutual TLS is enabled.
key_fileboolA TLS private key used for client authentication if mutual TLS is enabled.

Supported Retry and Queuing Settings

This destination supports the following retry and queuing settings:

Sending QueuePersistent QueueRetry on Failure