Supported Types


Configuration Table

enable_logsbooltrueEnable to send logs to Logz.io
logs_token*stringYour logz.io account token for your logs account
enable_metricsbooltrueEnable to send metrics to Logz.io
metrics_token*stringYour logz.io account token for your metrics account
enable_write_ahead_logboolfalseEnables write-ahead logging for exporting metrics.
wal_storage_pathstring$OIQ_OTEL_COLLECTOR_HOME/storage/logzio_metrics_walPath of the directory the WAL is stored in. Must be unique to this destination.
wal_buffer_sizeint300Number of objects to store in Write Ahead Log before truncating.
wal_truncate_frequencyint60Sets how often, in seconds, the Write Ahead Log should be truncated.
listener_url*stringhttps://listener.logz.io:8053 The URL of the Logz.io listener in your region
enable_tracingbooltrueEnable to send spans to Logz.io
tracing_tokenstringYour logz.io account token for your tracing account
region*enum"us"Your logz.io account region code. Valid options are: us, eu, uk, nl, wa, ca, au
timeoutint30Time to wait per individual attempt to send data to a backend
*required field

Supported Retry and Queuing Settings

This destination supports the following retry and queuing settings:

Sending QueuePersistent QueueRetry on Failure

* This destination only supports sending queues and persistent queues for traces and logs. To queue metrics to disk, enable the Write Ahead Log (WAL) for metrics.