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Configuration Table

enable_metrics*booltrueEnable to send metrics.
hostname*string"localhost"The hostname or IP address of the CockroachDB system. Required: true.
portint8080The port to listen on for DB Console HTTP requests. Read more
usernamestring""The username to use when connecting to CockroachDB. Read more
passwordstring""The password to use when connecting to CockroachDB. TLS must be configured in the Advanced section if this field is set. Sensitive: true. Read more
enable_tlsboolfalseWhether or not to use TLS.
ca_file_pathstring""File path for CA certification file for CockroachDB (only needed if you have a secure cluster). Read more
cert_file_pathstring""A TLS certificate used for client authentication, if mutual TLS is enabled. Read more
key_file_pathstring""A TLS private key used for client authentication, if mutual TLS is enabled. Read more
server_namestring""The name of the server. Read more
insecure_skip_verifyboolfalseDisable validation of the server certificate.
collection_intervalint60How often (seconds) to scrape for metrics.
enable_logs*booltrueEnable to collect logs.
enable_health_log*booltrueEnable to collect health logs. Read more
health_log_path*strings["/var/log/cockroach-data/logs/cockroach-health.log"]The absolute path to the CockroachDB health logs.
enable_dev_log*booltrueEnable to collect general developer logs. Read more
dev_log_path*strings["/var/log/cockroach-data/logs/cockroach.log"]The absolute path to the CockroachDB Dev Logs.
enable_error_log*booltrueEnable to collect stderr logs.
error_log_path*strings["/var/log/cockroach-data/logs/cockroach-stderr.log"]The absolute path to the CockroachDB stderr logs.
enable_sql_schema_log*booltrueEnable to collect sql schema logs. Read more
sql_schema_log_path*strings["/var/log/cockroach-data/logs/cockroach-sql-schema.log"]The absolute path to the CockroachDB sql schema logs.
enable_telemetry_log*booltrueEnable to collect telemetry logs. Read more
telemetry_log_path*strings["/var/log/cockroach-data/logs/cockroach-telemetry.log"]The absolute path to the CockroachDB telemetry logs.
enable_kv_distribution_log*booltrueEnable to collect kv distribution logs. Read more
kv_distribution_log_path*strings["/var/log/cockroach-data/logs/cockroach-kv-distribution.log"]The absolute path to the CockroachDB kv distribution logs.
enable_pebble_log*booltrueEnable to collect cockroachdb pebble logs. Read more
pebble_log_path*strings["/var/log/cockroach-data/logs/cockroach-pebble.log"]The absolute path to the CockroachDB pebble logs.
offset_storage_dir*string"$OIQ_OTEL_COLLECTOR_HOME/storage"The directory the offset storage file will be created in.
timezone*timezone"UTC"The timezone to use when parsing timestamps.
start_at*enumendStart reading logs from 'beginning' or 'end'.
parse_to*enumbodyParse structured log parts to either body or attributes.
retain_raw_logs*boolfalsePreserve the original log message in a raw_log key.
*required field

Example Configuration

This configuration shows the default values for the CockroachDB Source.

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